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Important Precautions While Moving In Covid 19

Important Precautions While Moving In Covid-19
The moving process during Covid-19 would be a tension for many as the risk of coming in contact with someone having the symptoms of Covid-19 would be become scary. But there might be some circumstances when the customer would need to move their houses or offices or other goods without any delay. In such cases, it is preferably suggested to hire a professional team as they are more reliable and they make it easier for the customer too.

Virtual Moving Quotes

The need of the team to visit the customer's place has become limited since the arrival of the pandemic. This is mainly as the visit might letting someone get exposed to the infection and this would make it difficult for the process to even commence. As the visit help both, the moving team as well as the customer in the clearance of every doubt relating to the process. It would have been done with the face-to-face meeting if there was no such condition of the virus but the virtual quotation the moving process is not limited. The customer needs to understand various measures that they need to go through before starting the process.

The customer should check whether their phones are fully charged as well as they have an undisturbing network connection. Even every light should be turned on as there might be some chances that some goods or belongings might not be visible during the online call if enough lighting is not there. The customer should show every item that is needed to be moved so that the packers and movers company would provide the pricing accordingly. The customer should also have a measuring tape in hand as the company's estimator might ask them to measure some goods for accuracy.

Cleaning Before and After Moving

The customer should clean frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, railings, toilets, sinks, countertops, doorbells, desks, or any other thoroughly. This would prevent the virus to remain on these surfaces for long and when the moving process gets started, touching these surfaces even by mistake would not be harmful. Some surfaces need to be cleaned with some special kind of detergents or liquids to prevent them from getting damaged. This should be paid attention to and other goods that need to be moved should be disinfected.

The cleaning of a new place, be it a home, office, or any other area where the goods need to be shifted, should be taken great care of. The same method should be applied in cleaning all frequently touched areas apart from full cleaning of the whole place. When the goods are delivered by the moving team, they should again be cleaned before arranging them and should be sanitized. The person cleaning the areas should wear rubber gloves and should wash their hands after the cleaning is completed and then sanitize it too for everyone’s safety.

Precautions To Be Followed By Everyone

The customer should always wear a mask when the team reaches for moving their belongings. During household shifting, the customer should see to it that there is only one family member present on the spot where packing and loading of goods are done. Other family members should remain inside their safe zone, especially kids and old family members as they are vulnerable to this virus. For another type of shifting too, it should be checked that only one person is looking after the working of the team.

The moving team should be allotted a place where they could wash their hands while packing and loading the goods. They should also sanitize their hands even after washing as this ensure that they double safety from the virus. Even the customer, as well as their near ones, should wear a mask and if possible gloves when the moving team is still in their place. The team should not be allowed inside the customer’s premises if they do not wear their mask, gloves, and their temperature should also be checked with a thermometer gun. The customer should greet the team with a smile and not a handshake while maintaining a six-foot distance every time. 

Reliable Tips During this Pandemic Covid-19

The customer should buy extra packing materials beforehand and sanitize them too even after packing the goods. These should not be borrowed from the neighbors or any relatives as they would be infected posing a great risk. If someone is showing any symptoms of the coronavirus, they should immediately visit the doctor and if possible, change the shifting date for safety. Also, if any member form the team shows any symptoms, they should be replaced immediately and should be advised to take leave till they get better. The transportation that is called for moving the goods to the new location should also be sanitized before loading the goods on it.