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We at, Hari Om Packers and Movers, propose our astonishing car transportation facility across the country. Through this facility, we ensure our customers with the safe and secured transportation of their valuable cars to their new location. The processing for the transportation that we follow has always been the most prominent and the most upright as we understand the connection that the customer has with their car. We are serving our customers for several years now without any concerns and have enhanced our skill in serving a lot more. The advancement in our abilities has helped in strengthening the connection with our priceless customers and surging an increase in new ones.

Ghaziabad now offers a great infrastructure for an unusual livelihood which attracts even those who dream of such a lifestyle. To live in this area makes it a one-time opportunity with various wondrous amenities that could be fitting into the budget for many. It offers its netizens several marvelous facilities like National Highway 24 with four to fourteen lanes, railway lines, metro stations, the nearest airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport. Other departments include a sports complex, numerous parks, temples, entertainment hubs, institutional structures offering great opportunities, and many others.

Safety Is Our Priority: 

We, Hariom Packers and Movers, recognize that the safety and security of the car are always important for everyone owning it. The memories that the owner might have with that car which they entrust us with for its most innocuous delivery at their new location, are always respected by our team. We never try to break such unforgettable moments of our customer that they possess till now in their heart. We always prefer to have a consultation correlating to the transportation of car which describes us with the features of the car needed to be transported. This benefits us in getting equipped with all the transporting steps needed to be done for the most secured transportation. Through this conversation, we also acquire to know the specific time and date on which the car is necessitated to be delivered to the new location of the customer.

There might be some packers and movers who many a time dupes out their customers by saying that it would be more innocuous to deliver their car by driving it apart from loading it on transportation. Through this step, they might misuse the car or even damage it in a minor way. By relying on our services, the customer could be relaxed at their place as we follow strict regulations and policies for the safe and secured transportation of each car without even a single blemish. We never offer to drive the car by ourselves to the destination. On the other hand, we responsibly give the customers with their car keys after conveying it on the transportation taking the car to the new location in Ghaziabad.

The transportation that is preferred is always checked out with their safe riding as we never let the transmission of the consignment be late even for a minute due to any concern during transportation. The trucks that we choose for the process are secured to be custom designed specifically for carrying cars and not just compromise with any general cargo ones. We also look out for every detail in the transportation from the ceiling to the tires as we ensure that it would not skid in any harsh situation. Also, the tools to load the car in the truck for transportation are always brought by the team assigned for this purpose. Such tools and types of equipment include conveyors, cranes, pallets, slip sheets, skids, and several others. 

Even the specifications of the person driving the transportation are inspected before hiring them to ensure that there is no connection of that particular person with any illegal matters even in the past. The drivers are also chosen according to their experience as this ensures that they would drive with utmost safety even in unfavorable weather or harsh road conditions. The practice for their driving in PAN India is also checked out for smooth transportation of the car.

Benefits Of Relying On Our Professionals

Our proficient and experienced team could easily transport even the most luxurious cars that the customer might be needed for its transportation. We ensure our customers that their luxurious cars would never be the safest in other hands as they would be transported cautiously through us. Through our services, the customers could rest reassured as their cars get into more reliable hands the minute they rely on us for this process. The team that gets assigned for the transportation process never delays in the processing as we understand the significance of time not just for themselves but for our valuable customers as well. They even conjecture the panic situation that might be induced for the customer when the consignment gets late even for a minute.

The transportation that is chosen is always determined based on its availability with the GPS facility. Through this convenience, transportation could easily be followed not only by the authority but also by the customers. This lets the customer have an assurance of the sustained delivery of their car to the new location. Our team also makes sure that the car gets to be delivered at the doorstep of the customer at their new location in Ghaziabad. This strengthens the trust that the customer has in use for the process of transportation. 

Even if all these safety customs are followed and every precaution is taken, there are trivial chances of some mishappenings. These happenings may involve various natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, storms, or theft, burglary, or others. Thus, we provide an insurance policy to our valuable customers for any damage to the car during transportation in such conditions. Through this policy, the customer could claim on us for any damage that might have occurred on their car during transportation. We additionally accommodate our services according to the budget of the customer. This ensures that the customer gets their car transported safely through us without any inconvenience.

We made them Happy, you could be next...

I have to planned to move my household goods from Gurgaon to Chandigarh and handover the complete household goods Hari Om Packers, my entire goods delivered on time at my home without any issue. The packing process was really great. I am very happy to see the response. Thanks for safe shifting.

Nice Team for Home Shifting
Nice Team for Home Shifting

Hari Om Packers Movers make my household goods shifting very professional manner and delivered goods without any damage! Very trusted team.

One of the trusted service provider in Hisar
One of the trusted service provider in Hisar

I have shifted my household goods from Hisar to Ghaziabad with Hariom Packers and Movers last month. it was really awesome relocation. No damage done and on time services. Very professional team. I really recommended to other for safe shifting. Thanks!

Nice Shifitng Team for Household Goods Moving
Nice Shifitng Team for Household Goods Moving

I am very Much Satisfied Your Service Which is Provided By Your Company

Best Service Provider For Shifting in India
Best Service Provider For Shifting in India
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