Loading and Unloading Services
Hari Om Packers and Movers provide professional support to consignments loading & Unloading service, the entire process done very carefully with the professional way and make relocation damage free. 

The shifting of household goods, office goods, industrial goods, cars, bikes, or any other kind of shifting requires great planning. Without planning, such a process becomes quite hectic for everyone relating to it as it might affect further advancement. Though there may be times when the owner would pack their goods themselves, the loading and unloading entirely demand professionals. This is because there are high chances of damage to goods during loading and unloading, mainly. Therefore, to avoid such pathetic situations, we, Hariom Packers and Movers, provide our professionals' services not only with loading and unloading of goods but with several others. Our team members are highly professional and have great years of experience in their particular field of work. This ensures the proficiency in our working apart from our services to be highly affordable for our valuable customers.

Though our services are available in various parts of India, here, we can relate to the services in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. This area has great infrastructure providing distinct apartments and also office area attracting everyone to its beauty. It provides its residents with facilities like a sports complex, recognized schools & institutions, entertainment areas, parks & stadiums, and much more. It has amazing apartments offering spacious flats with facilities which could not be resisted by anyone. It also has an amazing official area which is occupied by various big companies attracting those coming from other states or cities to work here. Even these people who get to work here in Vasundhara can live in PGs which again are highly affordable.

Proceedings To Be Followed By The Customer:
In the loading and unloading process, our team is responsible to load the packed goods to be transported on the truck or vehicle hired for moving these goods. When the transportation reaches the new location, the unloading of these goods is done but the packing procedure is entirely followed by the customer. However, we suggest to our customers regarding the packaging materials that they should get to pack all the goods especially in the case of household shifting. These packing materials could be cartons, bubble wraps, paper wraps, newspapers, adhesives, cardboards, and others that are strong enough. To pack all fragile goods like decorative items, antique pieces, kitchen wares made with breakable elements needs to be packed in such packaging materials with more than one layer. Such packing ensures that these materials would reach the new location of the customer without getting damaged.

If the customer wants to save in this method, they can do the packing without having to purchase all these packaging materials. For this, they have to entirely depend on the goods that they have at their place. As to pack very small items, big containers or boxes can be used which would protect these small goods during transportation. An example can be seen with kitchen wares as small items present in the kitchen can be packed in the pressure cooker or in containers that are used to keep biscuits or flour. All electrical items like refrigerators, washing machines should be cleaned before the process of loading gets started. The customer should keep their refrigerators clean, washing machines with all water drained out, and also water from coolers and ACs should be cleaned. These methods help our team in loading these heavy items without much effort which saves their energy for further work and also the time of customers for their goods to be transported within the allocated time.

Types Of Equipment Required During The Processing
The office relocation and industrial shifting of goods require much more effort as compared to the shifting of household goods. This is mainly because offices and industries have various machines that are quite heavy and require great labor for their movement. In offices, there are many computers, desktops, types of furniture, xerox machines, water dispensers, and much more, and these machines need to be dismantled before loading. These methods of dismantling these machines save them from getting any harm during loading or even transportation. Then these machines are packed in packaging materials that are needed to be much stronger in comparison to the materials bought for packing household goods.

The tools that are brought by our team for the loading of these office machines are testing beforehand for their durability. We never proceed with the loading if any tool is not in a working condition or stops working during the process. We rarely allow such situations to arise as we always start our process of loading with full preparations. To load heavier machines of any industry, we carry our special types of equipment like cranes, lifters, railers, containers, loading spouts, tilt tables, hydraulic elevators, and many others. These tools and types of equipment ensure that all these machines and goods are loaded on the transported with full safety and security.

Other Important Facilities
One of the most important facilities provided by us is that we deliver all the goods of our customers to their doorstep. This has helped our customers in trusting us and has a belief that their goods are in safe hands. We also carry these tools and types of equipment to the new location of the customer for unloading of the items so that there is no inconvenience during this process. Also, the transportation carrying the goods is always scrutinized before choosing it so that there is no delay in reaching the consignment to the customer's place due to any issue in the transportation. Even the driver who is hired for transportation is inspected for his past and present records so that there is no chance of any mishappenings during the process.

The transportation is also chosen after knowing that it has GPS installed in it as this helps in tracking the consignment. This tracking facility is also offered to our customers so that from the comfort of their place, they could easily track their shipment. However, after following so many safety procedures, there still chances of damage to the goods due to some unfavorable conditions like earthquakes, floods, burglary, or any other. To safeguard our valuable customers’ goods from such situations, we provide them with an insurance policy. Through this policy, they could claim on us for any damage that happens to their goods during the loading and unloading process.
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I have to planned to move my household goods from Gurgaon to Chandigarh and handover the complete household goods Hari Om Packers, my entire goods delivered on time at my home without any issue. The packing process was really great. I am very happy to see the response. Thanks for safe shifting.

Nice Team for Home Shifting
Nice Team for Home Shifting

Hari Om Packers Movers make my household goods shifting very professional manner and delivered goods without any damage! Very trusted team.

One of the trusted service provider in Hisar
One of the trusted service provider in Hisar

I have shifted my household goods from Hisar to Ghaziabad with Hariom Packers and Movers last month. it was really awesome relocation. No damage done and on time services. Very professional team. I really recommended to other for safe shifting. Thanks!

Nice Shifitng Team for Household Goods Moving
Nice Shifitng Team for Household Goods Moving

I am very Much Satisfied Your Service Which is Provided By Your Company

Best Service Provider For Shifting in India
Best Service Provider For Shifting in India
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